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Droplet Based Devices

Droplet based Energy Harvesting
Conventional sources of energy are precious and they are getting exhausted at a very rapid pace. Scientists are looking for alternative sources of energy, like solar energy, wind energy, energy from bio waste etc., to replace the conventional sources. “Energy harvesting” is the conversion of certain forms of energy, like heat, wind, vibration etc., which are otherwise wasted, into some usable form of energy. Efficient energy harvesting to eliminate energy wastage is the key to address our ever-increasing energy requirements. The Micro-Nanofluidcs Lab at CeNSE at IISc, led by Prof. Prosenjit Sen, has successfully demonstrated a new type of energy harvester that can scavenge electrical energy from weak vibrations. Vibration drives a liquid droplet and the motion of the liquid droplet produces electrical energy using an electrostatic generator which can power portable electronic devices efficiently. To improve efficiency by minimizing losses the device takes advantage of liquid motion on carefully designed surfaces to efficiently generate electrical energy.

Figure: Highly mobile liquid bulge

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