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In Micro-Nanofluidics various phenomena related to fluids, their interfaces and their complex interactions with other soft / hard matter at micro-nanoscale is investigated. Behaviour of a fluid in such a tiny volume is quite different from that of the bulk. For example, tiny volumes of liquid have higher pressure than in bulk. Many of these differences arise from the increasing influence of the fluid surface and surface forces at these scales. Dominance of these surface forces at tiny scales enables some insects to walk on water. The research in this area is focused on multiple interesting scientific problems including interfacial dynamics, nano-swimmers, DNA sequencing & bio-sensing, liquid-solid interfaces, probing cells in microfluidic devices, etc. These fundamental explorations are leading to technology solutions in the fields of healthcare, water conservation, industrial / scientific metrology, etc. Current research efforts at CeNSE in Micro-Nanofluidcs are directed along the following major themes.

Interfacial Microfluidics

Nano Swimmers

Droplet based Devices

Lab On Chip

Electron Bubbles

Associate Professor