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GaN technology

Due to unique material properties such as high polarization, wide band gap, high carrier mobility and velocity, Gallium Nitride and its alloys (III-nitride family) have enabled devices with much superior performances in the areas of high-power switching and RF transistors. Also, these alloys have revolutionized solid-state lighting in the form of blue (white) LED, and are poised to make disruptive changes in display, storage, biomedical and strategic technologies in the form of green/blue LEDs, deep UV detectors and LEDs.

GaN High Electron mobility transistor (HEMT) for power electronics. A team of six to seven faculty members affiliated to various departments spanning CeNSE, EE, power and DESE are working on multi-disciplinary aspects of GaN technology for power electronics starting from material growth to circuits and packaging. S. Raghavan grows state-of-art GaN epi-layers while D. Nath and N. Bhat are working on design, process and fabrication of high-power HEMTs (40 V, 5 A) to enable DC-DC converters on indigenously developed GaN on silicon platform. Wide periphery devices are being fabricated and characterization are underway.


Figure: Optical micrographs of 100 mm wide HEMTs for high-power switching applications. The 2 inch GaN HEMT wafer on silicon post-fabrication is shown to the right.

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