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Recess-Free Nonalloyed Ohmic Contacts on Graded AlGaN Heterojunction FETs

TitleRecess-Free Nonalloyed Ohmic Contacts on Graded AlGaN Heterojunction FETs
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsPark, PS, Krishnamoorthy, S, Bajaj, S, Nath, DN, Rajan, S
JournalIEEE Electron Device Letters
Date PublishedMarch
Keywords2D electron gas, alluminium composition, aluminium, Aluminum gallium nitride, contact resistance, direct contact, FETs, field effect transistors, gallium compounds, Gallium nitride, GaN, graded, graded heterojunction FET, HEMTs, heterojunction band offset elimination, HFETs, III-V semiconductors, interfacial resistance, MODFETs, nonalloyed, ohmic contacts, polarization grading, polarization-graded field-effect transistor structure, PolFETs, recess-free nonalloyed ohmic contacts, record low-resistance, regrowth, Resistance, reverse grading, total contact resistance, two-dimensional electron gas, ultralow-resistance contacts, upward grading, wide band gap semiconductors

We report on a new approach to achieve nonalloyed ohmic contacts with record low resistance in GaN-based transistors. We use upward and reverse grading of Al composition in a polarization-graded field-effect transistor structure to eliminate abrupt heterojunction band offsets and create direct contact to the channel. Total contact resistance of 73 mQ · mm and interfacial resistance of 29 mQ · mm to the 2-D electron gas were obtained. The method adopted here could enable to ultralow-resistance contacts without ohmic recess.